Tuition, Fees, Schedule and Registration Form

Fall 2020 enrollment now open to current STEAM families (as of 3.28.20). If you are a current STEAM family, please contact if you have not yet received the registration form.

Registration for NEW STEAM families will open on April, 25th, 2020. Check back for registration form at that time.

Email for more information/availability.

We pay our teachers! Our co-op and drop-off fees cover our expenses and pay our teachers for their awesome lesson plans.

Pay the Annual Non-Refundable Deposit

(One deposit per family)

*Save money by sending a check for $50 made out to the STEAM School
to P.O. Box 112, Markham, VA 22643

Make a Donation

Donate to our projects as a Friend of the STEAM School

Donations are tax deductible! Any amount you can give will help us build our dream school.

(Suggested donation $100*)

*Help us get more of that donation by mailing us a check!

Material donations we are currently seeking:

If you would like to donate materials to our school, please contact us via We are currently in need of:

  • used functional laptops or chromebooks
  • used functional tablets
  • camera phones or digital cameras
  • mulch for playground
  • screw drivers and hammers and saws (kid sized)
  • drills (real ones!)
  • bird, bug, plant guide books for Virginia
  • outdated technology for dissection
  • loose parts (nuts, bolts, screws, brackets, etc.)
  • Elmers glue
  • Duct tape
  • scrap lumber for construction projects

We are currently saving and accepting tax- deductible donations to buy this robot kit:
Modular Robotics Cubelets Code & Construct Educator Pack
and another LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 set

Thank you!

Many thanks to Mathematics teacher and coach Emily Altadonna for the generous donation of a math curriculum called Contexts for Learning K-3! This will be a great resource for our younger group.

Contexts for Learning Mathematics, Level 1

Thank you to Joanne Charles for the generous donation of a REAL MICROSCOPE!!!