COVID 19 – STEAM School will comply with current Virginia Department of Health and CDC guidelines in place during our Spring 2022 semester for classes,workshops and off campus meet-ups.

Tuesday Classes

Classes at co-op are guided by experienced teachers. Lessons provide opportunities for group work, independent exploration, hands-on learning, and open-ended projects. Our goal is to inspire our children and foster an independent desire for learning.  As projects finish, we take time for children to share their findings, experiences and questions with each other.  

Classes are led on Tuesdays by parent volunteers and parent assistants, allowing us to keep a very low student to teacher ratio.  Children learn through experience, projects and exploration. We do not use tests or grade students, and teachers are available to discuss progress by parent request.

STEAM School offers classes for Primary, Elementary and Upper Grades students. Our Primary group includes roughly Kindergarten through 1st grade (5-7 year olds). The Elementary group includes roughly 2nd-4th grade (7-10 year olds). Upper Grades is made up of roughly 5th-8th grade students (10-14 year olds).

We accept students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism and other profiles that impact their experiences in our learning environment. We encourage parents and teachers to engage in ongoing dialogue about how best to nurture students. Our teachers design learning experiences with all their students in mind, including those for whom traditional classroom instruction might be a poor fit.

A full schedule with course offerings for the current registration period can be found in the parent packet available on our Registration page.

Wednesday Workshops

Starting in Spring of 2022, STEAM will offer one workshop day each week on Wednesdays in addition to class and meet-up days. These 2 hour offerings (10am-12pm) will consist of fun activities to enrich learning in one or more of the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and/or math. Workshop experiences will encourage students to become more engaged in their learning in an interactive project-focused way.

Workshop days are open to both co-op members and non-members on a drop-in basis, and do not include a drop off option. Attendees will be required to sign up ahead of time as there are a limited number of spaces available each week. Workshop topics/activities will typically be repeated for two weeks in a row to allow enough slots for all interested students to participate. Attendees pay only for sessions that they register to attend. Unlike Tuesday class days, Wednesday workshops do not offer a drop off option.

For upcoming workshop topics and registration, please email

Thursday Meet-ups

Each week of the semester, STEAM will offer a meet-up on Thursdays. These gatherings change location each week, and are typically held at parks or other venues within a 40 minute driving radius of STEAM (occasionally farther). Meet-ups generally start at 10:30am. A full schedule can be found in the parent packet available on our Registration page. Meet-ups typically include a mix of themed activities at local parks, hikes, seasonal celebrations, as well as field trips. Unlike Tuesday class days, Thursday meet-ups do not offer a drop off option.

January Term

STEAM offers a drop off option on Tuesdays, from 9:25am-1pm, for three weeks in January before the start of the spring semester. January Term offers an elective-style menu of classes, with several options to choose from each day.  Classes are led by both teachers, as well as students who have an interest in leading their own classes. Students select which classes to attend based on their interests, providing a mixed age setting. Students may choose to stay in a particular class all day, or sample from several. A tentative schedule can be found in the parent packet available on our Registration page, though the actual schedule will likely reflect changes to accommodate ‘late breaking’ student-led electives and interests..

Families joining STEAM for January Term Tuesday classes also have the option to join us for Thursday meet-ups during the same three weeks.