Tuesday and Thursday Classes

Classes at co-op are guided by experienced teachers. Lessons provide opportunities for
group work, independent exploration, hands-on learning, and open-ended projects.
Our goal is to inspire our children and foster an independent desire for learning. As
projects finish, we take time for children to share their findings, experiences and
questions with each other. 

We offer classes to kids in Kindergarten through 9th grade. Our belief is that kids do
best when they’re understood and nurtured, and we aim to work as a team with
families to provide an environment where their child can thrive.

We accept students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder,
Autism and other profiles that impact their experiences in our learning environment.
We encourage parents and teachers to engage in ongoing dialogue about how best to
nurture students. Our teachers design learning experiences with all their students in
mind, including those for whom traditional classroom instruction might be a poor fit.

A full schedule with course offerings for the current registration period can be found in the parent packet available on our Registration page.