COVID 19 – STEAM School will comply with current Virginia Department of Health and CDC guidelines in place during our Fall 2021 semester for both onsite classes and offsite meet-ups. STEAM school will communicate specific guidelines to parents prior to the start of the fall semester as they relate to social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, positive tests within our school etc. based on guidance at that time.


Our belief is that kids do best when they’re understood and nurtured, and we aim to work as a team with parents to provide an environment where their child can thrive.

Weekly class interactions help promote friendships, build community and offer natural opportunities for collaboration. Classes are led by experienced teachers and parent assistants, allowing us to keep a very low student to teacher ratio. During classes multi sensory instruction is used to introduce new material and children learn through experience, projects and exploration. We do not use tests or grade students, and teachers are available to discuss progress by parent request.

We accept students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, autism and other profiles that impact their experiences in our learning environment. We encourage parents and teachers to engage in ongoing dialogue about how best to nurture students. Our teachers design learning experiences with all their students in mind, including those for whom traditional classroom instruction might be a poor fit.

Fall 2021 course offerings for our primary students will focus on nature science, engineering as well as literacy and art. Elementary and upper grades students will complete literacy, writing, engineering and science units.

A full schedule with course offerings for the current registration period can be found on our Registration page.


Each week of the semester, STEAM will offer a meet-up on Thursdays. These gatherings change location each week, and are typically held at parks or other venues within a 40 minute driving radius of STEAM (occasionally farther), or in some cases at STEAM. Meet-ups generally start at 10:30am, and a full schedule will be made available to STEAM families prior to the start of the semester. Possible meet-ups will include themed activities at local parks, hikes, outdoor STEAM challenges, seasonal celebrations, as well as trips to local STEAM-related attractions.

Unlike Tuesday class days, Thursday meet-ups do not offer a drop off option.