As a result of COVID-19, adjusted STEAM School offerings for Fall 2020 are in development. Stay tuned for more information.

Through their weekly class interactions, STEAM students have an opportunity to promote friendships, community, and to give natural opportunities for collaboration. Classes are led by experienced teachers and parent assistants, which helps us keep a very low student to teacher ratio.  Class sizes range from 8-12 students, and vary in length from 30mn-1 hour, depending on age and subject. During classes multi sensory instruction is used to introduce new material and children learn through experience, projects and exploration. We do not use tests or grade students, but teachers are available to discuss progress by parent request.

Tuition and Fees, school policies and day of the week schedules by grade level can be found in the parent packet, which is downloadable on our registration page.

OUR STUDENTS We offer classes to kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Our belief is that kids do best when they’re understood and nurtured, and we aim to work as a team with parents to provide an environment where their child can thrive. 

SPECIAL NEEDS We accept students with learning disabilities, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, autism and other profiles that impact their experiences in our learning environment. We encourage parents and teachers to engage in ongoing dialogue about how best to nurture students. Our teachers design learning experiences with all their students in mind, including those for whom traditional classroom instruction might be a poor fit.


Tuesdays and Thursdays we divide children by grade group for core classes. These classes follow a schedule and include science, art, creative writing, math projects, geography and STEM Extensions. Each class is 45 minutes, and covers 3-4 units each semester.  Teachers communicate class progress by providing a list of units at the beginning of the semester and by updating a child’s portfolio in our parent communication app as projects are completed.

Wednesdays (and during our January term) we offer multi-age electives. Topics for these classes change monthly, but always include at least one art subject, one technology subject, and one based on student choice.  Students gather at Morning Meeting to discuss the options available for the day, and to create their own schedules. A child may choose to work in one class for the whole day if space allows, or to try all three classes. Topics are based on teacher availability, and we invite parents to come and guest teach a topic they’re passionate about.


Tuesdays and Thursdays students start the day with University Model Math Lab.  This is a multi-level, self-paced math class. Students work with the instructor on these days to learn new concepts and ask questions.  They are expected to practice their skills and continue in their curriculum on the days they are not at STEAM. Following Math Lab, they take core classes to include Science, Art, Creative Writing, Math projects, and STEM extensions.  Students must be registered for both days if they are interested in our core classes. Content and projects are connected in such a way that they cannot be taken independently from each other. 

Wednesdays Middle schoolers start with Innovation Lab.  This class is a time for the kids to learn how to plan and research their own projects. The teacher will guide the students through the process of picking a topic of interest, researching, writing, creating goals and developing a product or platform for other people to learn about their project.   After Innovation Lab, students meet with the teacher to plan the rest of their day. They can keep working on their projects independently, work on their Math homework, take any of the available electives , or continue to work with the teacher to work on a new tech project each month, such as website development, or learning a new software.  We encourage families who are interested in only one day to register for Wednesdays, since these classes are independent from the work done in core classes.


STEAM teachers hold college degrees, have extensive experience working with and coaching children, and are paid for their work.  All of our current instructors are parents with children in the program, however we are also open to qualified outside help. Most classes also have an assistant working with the teacher to answer questions and help guide kids through projects. Assistants are parents who choose to remain on campus with their children, and work with the teachers to learn how they can best help students.  All assistants and teachers have been screened, and are exempt from paying drop off fees if they have children in the program. Teachers and assistants work together to plan our curriculum, create our schedule and organize school field trips. We are always interested in expanding our talent pool, if you are interested in a staff position please email us!