Experiential learningFree PlaySocial-emotional growth
Time outdoorsAcademic choiceIndependence
InclusivityIndividualityResponsible citizenship

Classes at co-op are guided by experienced teachers. Lessons provide opportunities for group work, independent exploration, hands-on learning, and open-ended projects. Our goal is to inspire our children and foster an independent desire for learning.  As projects finish, we take time for children to share their findings, experiences and questions with each other.   

Community is very important to us, both within the school and outside our walls. Weekly class interactions help promote friendships, build community and offer natural opportunities for collaboration.  We periodically pair older children with younger ones for buddy activities.  We also offer one meet-up day each week, which may be a field trip, outdoor activity, service activity or community event. We hope that these opportunities will help kids embrace diversity and grow a desire to contribute their ideas and improve the world around them.  

To accomplish this we

  • Provide multisensory, experiential, self-directed, and project-based learning experiences that fit the needs of individual learners
  • Foster creative thinking and academic excellence through open-ended inquiry, meaningful conversation, and challenging content
  • Create a safe environment for kids to be curious, take risks, make mistakes, and learn skills for how to be a part of a community
  • Inspire children to think critically about social issues, consider multiple perspectives, and take meaningful action
  • Honor child development through age appropriate schedules and curriculum, including opportunity for free play and exploration

Hours of Operation

The Fall 2021 school day will run from 9:00am to 1:30pm on Tuesdays

Meet-ups typically start at 10:30am on Thursdays, though some may vary to accommodate hours of certain locations


Emmanuel Episcopal Church
9670 Maidstone Rd
Delaplane, VA

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