STEAM students were treated to a special presentation at school with an incredible visit from Bird In The Hand, a raptor education and rehabilitation program run by Nikki Stamps. She brought with her 4 different owls that live in the area: a Great Horned owl, a Barn owl, a Barred owl and an Eastern Screech owl.

Students learned of the many different adaptations that owls have to help them survive. We learned that they turn their heads 270º because of their immobile cone shaped eyes that take up 70% of the owl’s skull. Their beaks are specialized for gripping and tearing prey and we were shown how their talons are like ratchets that grip and hold onto prey.

The presentation ended with class pictures with the Great Horned Owl and a final presentation of the owl gobbling up and swallowing mice whole. The presentation was very engaging and thoughtful. Students and parents came away with a new perspective on the lives of owls and what amazing birds they are. You can learn more about Bird in the Hand at

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