We continue to get to know some of our fabulous STEAM teachers. Today we’ll introduce you to Julia Buergari. Julia is is teaching math projects classes at The STEAM School, and also leads the filmmaking elective.

How did you first find out about the STEAM School?

JB: I ran into our old music teacher at the library and we started talking about homeschooling. She was familiar with STEAM and told me more about it.

How have you been involved in the past, and what role(s) are you filling this year?

JB: Last semester I taught theater classes and the math games elective. This year I am teaching math projects and filmmaking.

Julia’s 2019/20 Class Descriptions:

Math Projects – In this class, we will be exploring the beauty of math in nature, discovering how math surrounds us and using key math concepts to solve real world problems. The topics covered this year include patterns, data collection and graphing, probability, logic, geometry and economics. Every class will include a mini-lesson on the topic being covered and a hands-on project that connects the abstract concept to the real world. From creating tessellation artwork to making an economically sound business plan, we are going to have lots of fun in Math Projects this year!

Filmmaking – In the filmmaking elective class, we will be exploring the art of filmmaking through viewing, critiquing and creating 5×5 films. The 5×5 film is a montage of 5-five second shots around a specific theme. Each class will film and edit a whole group 5×5 film with the option of creating their own at home to share with the class. Composition, editing and effective critique techniques will be incorporated throughout. I am so excited to see what the children create!

What is your favorite thing about teaching at STEAM?

JB: The community!

What is your background/experience with the topics you’ll be teaching?

JB: Math is my first love, and one of my majors in college was art history with a concentration in filmmaking

Any sneak peeks you can share about what the learners in your class might be working on this semester?

JB: Shark Tank!

Tell us a little about your personal interests/hobbies.

JB: I enjoy coaching soccer, yoga, travel and camping.

What is one goal you have for yourself and/or your students in this school year?

JB: To discover the beauty of math!

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