Let’s continue to get to know some of our fabulous STEAM teachers. Today we’ll introduce you to Tamara Fickling. Tamara is is teaching Science classes at The STEAM School, and also assists with the Ceramics elective.

How did you first find out about The STEAM School?

TF: I found out about STEAM from a Open House Event posted on Facebook. It was funny, because I had met with the founder several years prior about starting a Co-op. Soon after, she discovered she was pregnant and put the idea on hold. It was great to see it come to fruition!

How have you been involved in the past, and what role(s) will you be filling this coming school year?

TF: In the past I assisted in classes where ever I could. This year I will be leading in the Science class and assisting in the Ceramics class. Science will rotate between Life Science, Nature of Matter and Earth and Space.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at STEAM?

TF: I think my favorite thing about teaching at STEAM will be making classes fun! It will be a challenge not to bore the children with too many facts and allow them to experience science!

What is your background/experience with the topic you’ll be teaching?

TF: In college I took many science classes and worked at a children’s nature center guiding students in an outdoor setting covering the Virginia SOLS. I also taught science grades 6-12 at a Waldorf based school for several years in Sperryville. One of my passions, although I have not been able to keep up with it lately, is pottery. I also taught a ceramics class at the school I worked at.

Any sneak peeks you can share about what learners in your class might be working on this coming semester?

TF: I plan on having a lot of fun games and projects. We’ll start out with learning how we classify living things.

Tell us a little about your personal interests/hobbies.

TF: I am a nature nerd! I love going for walks and finding things and learning about them. Whether it’s a new mushroom or bug I love learning new things.

What is one goal you have for yourself and/or your students this school year?

TF: One goal I have is developing great relationships with the students.

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