Happy Spring Break!

The kids and I had a fun time with toothpick engineering today using modeling clay, toothpicks and this hilariously old school video as inspiration. I showed my 5 and 4 year old the video before we started, but you could pose the challenge to older kids without showing the video first. After we tried building tall, the kids just played around creatively with the toothpicks and clay and we talked about what their products looked like (a sea urchin and a spiky caterpillar). Interested in joining us on a regular basis next fall? Contact us at steamhomeschool@gmail.com.

What are they learning?

-Counting objects
-Creating or reproducing 3-D shapes
-Naming shapes
-Identifying which shapes make structures strong
-Using comparison/analogy to identify shared features of two objects

Challenge: build a tower that stands four toothpicks tall using only six toothpicks.

Building four toothpicks tall with just six toothpicks wasn’t very sturdy.
We used more toothpicks to create a more sturdy base.
Snack time and we kept on building.

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